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Assisted Living in Retirement Homes

serving Sarnia Seniors

Many of our community residents desire or require some level of assistance each day. This assistance can come in many forms; from simply providing reminders or queuing for certain things like meals, portering and transferring for those who may have some mobility issues, assistance with eating, medication reminders or administration, assistance with Diabetes administration, bathing, getting dressed, toileting and continence to name a few of the more common. 

Depending on your need, each resident may have one or several of these assisted living services. A "Plan of Care" is designed and created with your family doctor and our Care Team. This will provide the guidelines, routines and tasks and ongoing monitoring to ensure that you are well cared for and receiving the services required by our Care team. 

Country Manor has provided this level of care and service of assisted living for more than 30 years to residents that have come from Sarnia, Ontario. 

We have well-trained staff 24 hours daily, 365 days each year that include registered nurses, PSW Personal Support Workers and PCA Personal Care Attendants. We have an on-site, visiting Doctor as well. Together, this Care Team deliver on a well-documented Plan of Care that is uniquely designed and customized for each of our residents. 

Care and Services Provided for Assisted Living 

Companionship and mental support
This is fundamental and much needed for many seniors for daily living. It reflects on the help that may be needed to keep a person in a positive frame of mind and to reduce depression and anxiety that may be caused by isolation. 

Transportation and shopping
Some seniors find it difficult to get out. How much a person can go around or procure their grocery and pharmacy needs without help can support the decision to require assisted living services. 


Preparing meals and eating three square meals daily
Planning and preparing the various aspects of meals, including shopping and storing groceries is challenging for many, and can be especially for seniors as we age. 

Managing a person’s household
Performing some basic household chores such as cleaning, tidying up, removing trash and clutter, and doing laundry and folding clothes becomes challenging and greatly reduced for some as we age. 

Country Manor Estates Retirement Residence and Assisted Living has provided this level of care and service of assisted living for more than 30 years to residents that have come from all over southwestern Ontario and especially from Sarnia, Ontario. We are located about 30 minutes from Sarnia. 

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