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Country Manor Estates believes that eating a meal is much more than satisfying one’s dietary needs. Family owned and operated, we believe that each dining setting should be a true experience, a key part to one’s social and spiritual being, connecting and engaging with others.


We take our dining experience very seriously, investing in our culinary program and staffing, allow us to provide mealtime experiences that set our Home apart from the competition.


Three restaurant-style meals are served each day in the group dining room and snacks are provided throughout the day. We continue to meet the nutritional needs of residents with dining choices that promote their health and well-being. Each meal offers a selection of delicious choices, sensational service and we always accommodate special restrictions and requests.

On a regular basis, we invest significant resources to understand the needs and desires of our residents dietary needs. Our ability to respond to resident needs, and deliver the nutritious food choices that they want, is what makes us a leader.


At Country Manor, residents receive a complete dietary experience made of:


  • Quality of food

  • Menu choice and variety

  • Quality of service

  • Nutrition education to support lifestyle change

  • Resident engagement

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